The New Triumph: Keep On Push’n

Soulful sounds come from Seattle as the band The New Triumph mix funk and jazzy R&B. The team of Camil Estrada/b, Marc Hager/key, Arie Pytel/g, Adam Kessler/dr, Ahkeenu Musa/perc, Ariel Chi-Linh Nguyen Loud/sax and Bobby Beasley-Scott Morning/tp deliver rich grooves with a blue streak on pieces like “El Sapo De Culiacan” and the hip shaking “Sugar Loaf Mt.” Pytel’s guitar can go from Santana hot on the crying “Intro Cut” to some hip East Africa lilting on “Count Dracula’s African Vacation” while the synth sears on “Dem Donuts Tasty.” The tam does a Tower of Power vocal chorus with hip percussion on “Do It” and the horns let it rip on the infectious title track. Put on your dancing shoes!

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