Samo Salamon Sextet: The Colours Suite

Earth-toned guitarist Samo Salamon delivers an 8 part suited dedicated to colors with a rainbow sounding cast of Achille Succi/bcl, Julian Arguelles/ts-ss, Pascal Niggenkemper/b (I am not referring to that name again for the sake of carpal tunnel syndrome prevention!) and the two drum team of Roberto Dani with Christian Lillinger. The band has a loose, Mingusy feel, with some nimble double reed work slithering between Salamon’s guitar on the dark and intricate “Yellow” and the gentle and moody “Green.” Succi gurgles to Arguelles’ soprano sax while the drums converse on “Red” whereas the bass clarinet and tenor produce a palpable molasses on the thick “Black” while bass and guitar lines lope over the drum work. The reeds get slapped around after the drums do some stick work for Salamon on “Grey,” producing a prism of a release.

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