Izumi Kuremoto: Late Chrysanthemums

While also playing piano and bass, Izumi Kuremoto displays his composing skills on this highly ambitious double album and dvd of original material. The opus is four separate pieces, some divided into various parts, and have been composed over the years dating back to 1993. The first piece, “Opening” features two operatic soprano voices in a Wagnerian mood with a MIDI and violincello, producing some stirring and dramatic moods. “Venus” features strings that give a heavy influence on Bartok for 20+ minutes of drama and melancholy. A “Three Movements for Harp & Strings” from 2012 has modern harmonics and textures for the first two parts and concludes with a rich and lovely strummed harp. The three part title tract has obliquely swaying strings and rumbling violins that resonate. There’s a lot to absorb here, and it will take a few encounters to appreciate the many layers of thought.



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