70’s ROCK…The Rolling Stones: Ole! Ole! Ole!

This dvd film by Paul Dugdale chronicles the 2016 tour that the venerable Rollling Stones took as they went through ten Latin American cites as well as trying to put together their first-ever concert in Havana Cuba. Of the later, a magnum opus free open air concert was a ground breaking event while the setup, preparations and actual concerts through Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina are captured on film in a way that gives Anglo fans a sense of the deep love between Latin America and the Stones.
Interviews with fans from all over the world mixed with intimate conversations with Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Ron Wood are interspersed between performances such as “Start Me Up” and “Midnight Rambler.” An impromptu duet of “Honky Tonk Woman” between Richards and Jagger is a sidelight as is an insightful conversation with Charlie Watts and his perspective of the band.
While there are many moments of song snippets during the documentary, it’s not until the Bonus Section that you get complete performances by the Stones and their team of Darryl Jones/b, Chuck Leavell/key,k Karl Denson/sax, Tim Ries/sax and Bernard Fowler-Sasha Allen/voc on pieces like “Paint It Black,” Midnight Rambler,” “Miss You,” “Out of Control” and other. Watching the Stones at this stage in their lives and careers gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Classic 70s Rock.”

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