Virginia Schenck: Aminata Moseka-An Abbey Lincoln Tribute

It’s an intimidating task to try to capture the various styles and moods as someone as wide ranging as Abbey Lincoln, but Virginia Schenck does an impressive job on this album. With a rhythm team of Kevin Bales/p, Rodney Jordan/b and Marlon Patton/dr as well as alto saxist Kebbi Williams, she is able to go from an earthy growl on the modal “Wholly Earthy” to a clear enunciaton on the poetic “Talking to the Sun.” Her voice is flexible  and still in the pocket, husky on the muscular “Blue Monk” and sassy on the saucy “Learning How to Listen.” The rhythm team is able to create a rich pulse on straightahead pieces like “Bird Alone” and the elegant “Being Me” while creating an eerie shadow as Schenck does some poetry on “Caged Bird.” A well deserved visit to an underappreciated icon.

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