SE-Quartet: Going North

Comprised of David Ehrlin/ss-ts-bcl, Rasmus H Thomsen/p, Antti Ojala/dr and Martin Sundstrom/b, the SE-Quartet delivers spacious and impressionistic sounds akin to acoustic water colors. Ehrlin’s tone on tenor is palpably thick and warm, floating on pastoral pieces such as the title track and his introduction to the glorious “Song For Paris” while he shows he can growl with the best as the team kicks into overdrive on “The Bird’s Return” and gets funky on “The Power of Forgiveness.” Thomsen shows his lyricism on the genteel “Autumn Mist” with Ehrlin’s bass clarinet and his fortitude on the upbeat “Oh Holy Day.” The inclusion of a chamber choir along with Ehrlin’s moaning bass clarinet give “Even Death Will Die” a liturgical effect, like a sunrise piercing through an orthodox stained glass window. With song titles such as the ones mentioned above, it sounds like the band approaches music with a biblical basis, which is always encouraging in this age of people putting pieces of a puzzle together without reference to a Box Top.

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