****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Steve Khan: Backlog

Guitarist Steve Khan puts together a clever concept on this most recent album with Ruben Rodriguez/b, Mark Walker/dr, Marc Quinnones/perc , Bobby Allende/perc and guests including Randy Brecker/tp and Bob Mintzer/ts. Most of the tunes are either arranged by Rob Mounsey or include his keyboard work, and what the team has done is take Post Bop and Bop pieces like Ornette Coleman’s “Invisible,” Andrew Hill’s “Catta” and Greg Osby’s “Concepticus In C’ and give them an infectious Latin and salsa lilt. The Osby piece is warm and sensuous, with Coleman’s pieces has Khan’s guitar dancing a Puerto Rican Plena. Sammy Cahn’s obscure “Our Town” has a beachcomber ambiance, and even Thelonious Monk doesn’t escape, as his “Criss Cross” is a Caribbean delight. Tatiana Parra brings here soothing voice for the tropical Hill piece, and Stevie Wonder’s “Go Home” is re-harmonized by Khan in, well, a wondrous way. All parts of the Latin world are explored as if Khan were on Magellan’s ship himself. Look for this one!


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