Peter Campbell: Loving You

This album by vocalist Peter Campbell is subtitled “Celebrating Shirley Horn” and is sure to stump your friends on a blindfold test. Like Joe Pesci, Campbell has a breathy female-toned voice, and it works hauntingly well here in the varying accompaniment of Mark Kiewsetter/p, Reg Schwager/g, Ross MacIntyre/b and Kevin Turcotte/tp. Most of the arrangements and moods are fairly Spartan, with graceful guitar the partner on “Forget Me” and a bluesy bass and horn on the patient “Watch Your Step.” He gets some rich vocal subtones on pieces lie the tender approach to “The Great City,” While he’s heartfelt on a late night vibe with bass notes on “Sharing the Night with the Blues.” Haunting and harrowing on a variety of visceral levels.

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