Avishai Cohen: Cross My Palm With Silver

Avishai Cohen has his horn cry and gasp on this moving and visceral album with Yonathan Avishai/p, Barak Mori/b and Nasheet Watts. The moods and chords are reflective and melancholy, with Cohen’s horn gasping with Avishai’s chiming piano on “Will I Die, Miss? Will I Die” before the team slides into a groove. The thoughtful tribute to saxist Jimmy Greene, who lost his daughter to the senseless killing at Sandy Hook as sighing and moaning like a friend of Job while Avishai adds deeply emotive framework. Waits gets a chance to solo while his cymbal converses with Cohen and Mori on the assertive “340 Down” and the leader sounds cantoral as he shouts to the heavens on “Shoot Me In The Leg” before taking the team on a bopping modal “50 Years and Counting” to close the album. Lots of deep emotions are brought forth, reflecting a battle against a world of pain, and Cohen, like Job,  presents his voice to God well.

ECM Records


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