Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos: Liquid Melodies

Tamuz Nissim teams her floating light voice with George Nazos’ guitar, accompanied by Willie Applewhite/tb, Danny Weller/b and Ronen Itzik/dr for some impressionistic originals and covers. On electric guitar, Nazos at times gives hint of a debt to Pat Metheny as he drifts with Nissim on “Isn’t That Strange” and the boppy “Piroulita.” Nissim swings well with Applewhite in unison lines during the bouncy “Chasing the Bird” while she is tender and flexible with Weller on the nimble “Lonely City” and “Fascinating Rhythm.”  Applewhite sighs and the two leaders create cirrus clouds on the title track while dashes of Renoir sounds come up on “Sleepless Night.” The two sound cozy together on the gentle On A Clear Day” and do a nice pax de deux on “Street of Stars.” Deft motions.


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