****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Petros Klampanis: Chroma

Petros Klampanis brings his bass to create rich pastels of color on this richly textured album of originals. He teams up with Gilad Hekselman/g, Shai Maestro/p, John Hadfield/dr, Keita Ogawa/perc and a string section to create sweeping sonic panoramas. Hints of Pat Metheny team up with piano, strings and voice on the longing “Shadows” while the bassist takes you on a rich and wide panorama of a journey with guitar and strings on “Comic Patience.” Latin percussion and drums combine with the sweeping strings for a rich “Little Blue Sun” while pizzicato plucking team with Hekselman for a satisfyingly slinky “Tough Decisions” and an exotic title track. The music sounds fresh, vibrant, original and still accessible, with the undercurrent, like his name suggests, is as solid as a rock. Oreo!


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