POST WEATHER REPORT…Miroslav Vitous: Ziljabu Nights

The founding bassist of Weather Report, Miroslav Vitous, continues his sonic vision in this concert recording of material that sounds like the first three albums of the genre-changing band. His wide ranging bass is teamed with two sax players (Gary Campbell/ts & Robert Bonisolo/ts-ss) which works well in capturing the essence of Wayne Shorter, while Aydin Esen/key and Roberto Gatto/dr are able to swing with flexibility.

The team feels loose and spacey with the two tenors as Vitous sears into space, while sounding edgy and assertively fragmented on two versions of  the title track while the team gets loose and playful as they teeter on the brink of “Stella By Starlight Variations.” Gatto’s mallets create a misty mood for the leader’s shadowy bass as soprano and tenor saxes give extra texture to the affective “Morning Lake.” Mitous goes it alone on the free thinking “Miro Bop” which has him experimenting with colors and textures like a painter. An interesting interview closes the album; this guy is a giant who needs to be re-appreciated.


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