Kneebody: Anti-Hero

The five member Kneebody get thick and dark on this most recent release. Three of the members, Ben Wendel, Shane Endsley  and Adam Benjamin add “effects” or “synth” to their usual credits of respective tenor sax, trumpet and keyboards, which should give a hint of the palpable wallpaper that surrounds each  piece. Dark and moody keyboards dominate with heavy drum beats on “For The Fallen” and rock steady “Uprising” while tenor and trumpet vie for open spaces. Stomping bass and bluesy tenor team up on the title track, with Middle Eastern Harmonies and a torrent of chaotic drums cavalcading with keyboards on “Drum Battle.” Lots of synthetic pulses predominate on “Austin Peralta” and busy drums percolate under Wendel during “Yes You” while a soul funk groove works fairly well on the heavy hitting “Profar.” The albums comes off like it’s been dipped in tar, with the horns trying to break loose, many times successfully in this sonic tug of war.

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