Juan De Marcos Afro Cuban All Stars: Absolutely Live II

Since leaving the famous Buena Vista Social Club, Juan De Marcos has had a successful 20 yer runleading the sizzling Afro Cuban All Stars. This cd/dvd set captures De Marcos and company, almost two completely different bands, in two different settings, Mexico and Maryland, USA.
The cd Viva Mexico! Set includes De Marcos’ daughter Gliceria Gonzalez on vibes and keyboards along with a 3 trumpet team and percolating percussion session as the leader handles most of the lead vocals with Emilion Suarez on a volcanic “El Cuarto De Tula” and frenetic “La Mujer Del Barbaro” The rhythm team simmers like fried rice as the horns add more accents than a Shakespeare sonnet on “barbaridad” and “Tumba y Bongo.” WHEW!
 The dvd inclues even more horns as De Marcos sings to an avalanche of rhythm during “On the Road Again” while the exciting “Laura En El Paraiso” includes melding of bass clarinet reeds and snappy horns, with the leader building the butanes up to a super burning level. This is an exciting band that is able to capture the enthusiasm sonically and visually, making this set and invitation to check them out in concert.

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