John Stein: Tones

Thick toned guitarist John Stein creates a swinging pastoral team with a trumpet/flugelhorn (Phil Grenadier) and flute (Fernando Brandao) along with a rhythm team of John Lockwood/b and Ze’ Eduardo Nazario/dr. The mixture of string and woodwinds works marvelously to create some warm and creamy sounds on the hiply grooved “ The Commons” and driving “Neck Road” s well as the soft clouds of “Salt Marsh Down.” Stein’s guitar work is clever, original and assured, displayed well on “ Four Corners” and bluesing well with Lockwood on “Five Weeks” and “New Shoes.” Nazario keeps things assertive, and at times seems out in front of pieces like a muscular “Angel Eyes” and takes over on a solo for “Wall Stones,” almost overwhelming at times. The lead instruments are strong enough to handle the firm whip, however, on this winning session.

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