****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Chano Dominguez: Over the Rainbow

Recorded at a concert on Feb 24, 2012 in Palau Falguera in Barcelona, Spain, this album captures the heart and soul of Spanish pianist Chano Dominguez at his most romantic. He takes pieces ranging from show tunes, folk tunes, bop and his own pen, and purees them through his Spanish heart and fingers.

He is reflective and luminescent as he adds Latin flavors to “Django,” while his reads of Monk material have him going more celebrative and happy than quirky on “Evidence” and playful on ”Monk’s Dream.” There is a serene sweetness o “Drume Negrita” that reflects the innocence of the streets of Havana, while Cuban compser Marta Valeds’ “Hacia Donde” is a aria that milks both the notes and moods. His touch produces drama and dance on “Mantrera” and old world grace during “Marcel” making you feel the warmth of his soft hands. Why has this been hiding for 5 years?

Sunnyside Records


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