Guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel continues to follow a sui generis path. Each album is an intriguing step in his musical journey. This most recent one is his most sonically ambitious one since 2003’s Heartcore, as Rosenwinkel veers away from “mere” guitar forms, and leans towards Brazilian sounds, using not only his voice in harmony, but in lead and in conjunction with Pedro Martins, Antonio Loureiro, Kyra Garey, Zola Minninoh and Amanda Brecker. Rosenwinkel not only guitar,but a plethora of instruments including piano,drums, synth and bass, with guest appearances on instruments including but not limited to Eric Clapton/g, Frederika Krier/vio, Chris Komer/fh Alex Kozmidi/g and Andi Haberl.

The tunes themselves have a modern bossa feel, such as the lovely title track, and “Interscape.” Old time buddy Mark Turner returns for a rich “Casio Escher” and a sauntering “Ezra, while Slowhand bends and snaps like Reese Witherspoon on the peppy “Little Dream.” Rich textures abound with strings and percussion creating a velvety landscape on “Kama” and the joyfully romantic “Casio Vanguard.” The music sounds fresh, alive and forward looking, while the percussion gallops along like a newborn foal on pieces like “Little B.” Rosenwinkel’s custom mix of guitar and vocal harmonies are still present, but brought up to a whole new plane. The only thing unchanged is that dumb cap that he always wears. Time for a Stetson. Highly Recommended!


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