Nancy Ruth: Sangria Jam

If you’re in the mood for a Latin Lover, check out this album by Nancy Ruth. Not only does she sing with a confident and warm voice, but she writes all of the songs as well as plays piano With a rotating team of Victor Vallejo/p-pt, Luis Robisco/g, Juan Soto/b, Juan Heredia/dr Manuel Olmo/sax, Jose Luis Arias/tb and Juan Antonio Molina/bckvoc, Ruth delivers exciting and celebratory flamenco sketches such as on “ Malaga” and “Jasmine Tree.” On the later, her husky voice gives the feel of a gypsy storyteller wile Robisco’s guitar delivers tones of a campfire.

Ruth’s strength is introducing a song, and she delves deep with her piano for a pastoral “Beauty In The Ruins” and “Buleria #1” which opens as a cabaret, but closes as a sensuous salsa with Olmo’s flute creating cirrus clouds of sounds. The percussive team develops into a rich cantor as the exotic and mysterious “Soar” includes rich voices and harmonies from the horn that are both accessible and hip. A Iberian “Llorame” has Ruth slither over a dramatic pulse and she gets dramatic and enticing on the visceral vocals while she takes you to a late night Mediterranean club on “I Once Said I’d Stay.” This  lady has the ability to take you there and back; where do you want to be dropped off?

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