Miguel Zenon: Tipico

Alto saxist Miguel Zenon continues his fascinating journey of melding the melodies and rhythms of his native Puerto Rico with post-bop jazz. His long-term teammates of Luis Perdomo/p, Hans Glawishnig/g and Henry Cole/dr have got this pattern down pat, and the band feels hand in glove comfortable with the complex themes and directions.

The rhythm team is able to prance around with style and grace as they create a romantic lilt on “Corteza” which features Glawishnig’s intuitive bass work and the prancing “Sangre Di Me Sangre” that has the bassist veering in and out of unison with Perdomo like dancers on DWTS. Everyone scrambles in a myriad of directions as they go open field running on “Entre Las Raices” and the team displays its unity on the intricate driving forward over the relentless piano pattern of “Academia.” The most successful moments, however,  are the marriage of tradition and new. The title track is a danceable gem that has Zenon soft shoeing over the floor, and he waxes lyrical on the thoughtful melody of “Ciclo” making the piece a modernization of folklore.

This is a band that is exciting both to listen to and experience, so don’t miss them if they come around town.


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