Hugo Selles: The Lonely Traveller

Residing in Denmark, Spanish composer and keyboardist Hugo Selles brings together a project group called Psychic Equalizer, consisting of his own keyboards along with a rotating team including Quico Duret/g, Morten Skett/dr, a string section and various guests either joining in with instruments or voice.

The album is a musical journey from teenager to adulthood, but the music itself holds up well on its own without explanation. Selles’ piano is lyrical and inviting, with the team getting dramatic on ”Mezus” or somber and hopeful on “Norrebro.” Reflective and nocturnal moods includes strings and voices on ”Lagrimas” and Metheny-like percussive moods are pulsated on the charming “Adrift.” Duret’s electric guitar tells a story on the melodic “A Collection of Marbles” while Carlos Barragan’s classical guitar teams with the strings on the dark and dreamy “Lovers Meet.” Funky blues, dashes of Pink Floyd and splashes of indie rock make cameos as well, displaying ambition, creativity and imagination on this personal yet accessible piece.

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