Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge: Mount Royal

Jazz and bluegrass meet on successful terms as Chris Eldridge, armed with his 1937 Martin D-18 summits  with Julian Lage and his Martin 000-18 for a dozen sublime songs proved by 12 sublime strings. It’s easy to tell the two apart, making for  wonderful mix of colors. There’s a wonderful intimacy with a mix of Appalachia and 52nd street on “Rygar” while the two reach a modern Cumberland Gap on ”Broadcast” and “Goldacre.” Eldridges’ voice is earnest on the grassy “Things In Life” and “Living in the Mississippi” while a story is told without lyrics on “Henry” and the Old Country folkie “Old Grimes.” In a setting like this, the only difference between genres is a few flatted notes here and there, as the easy blues and swing define both artists and guitars.

They are going on tour for this one in April at UCSB and Pepperdine. Don’t miss it!



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