Hyunil Lee: Living Water

Here’s a guitarist that you’re going to love. Hyunil lee’s got the relentless swing of a Grant Green mixed with modern textures, ably displayed on this collection of bopping originals. He teams up with Quamon Fowler/ts-ss, Young Heo/b, Colin Campbell/p, Terence Hobody/dr and ShaLei Latrice James/vocal for nine satisfying tunes that display a style that is irresistible and accessible. His tone is palpably thick, yet nimble enough to do some hip unison lines with Fowler’s tenor on the bopping “Steadfast” and reflectively lithe title track. His solos are like droplets of spring water as the rhythm team canters along on “Wash Over Me” and flexes its collective muscles on the modal driver “Faithful.” Lee and Campbell do a  musical version of a three legged race as they skip along on the tricky “Blues Lee,” and the album closes with an enchanting love song with rich vocals from James on “Secret Place.” This album’s a joy-any trips to So Cal coming up?


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