VOICES EXOTICA…Kayle’ Brecher: This is Life, Luisa Maita: Fiodamemoria

Here are a pair of ladies with some creative musings in their delivery

Vocalist Kayle’ Brecher gets moody and artsy on this varied album of left of center interpretations of jazz  pieces and beyond. Her voice is elastic and fluid, making for edgy readings of “Back to Red Clay” with a team of Frank B utrey/g, David Dzubinski/p, Benjamin Sutin/v, Ratzo Harris/b and Grant Calvin Weston/dr, while the team with Matt Cappy on trumpet gets funky on “Wild Child.” Themes get sepia and shadowy with harp on “Torch to Hand” and when she does duets with Weston or Harris on “Life Is Just A Rhythm” or “Sea Of Dolphins” respectively, you feel like she’s teetering over the tightrope without a net. Daredevil with chords and rhythms.

Luisa Maita takes the feel and allure of Brazilian music and gives and electronic/indie swath. There are a lot of synth sounds and bass lines that create an electronic pulse for her soft and subdued voice on pieces like “Na Asa” and “Ole” where here Portuguese is in understated form. In English, she sounds more urgent on “Around You”, while moods get nourish on the shaded “Flo Da Memoria” and ”Sutil.” Echo effects and distant percussion sounds feel like an art exhibit on “Jump” and “Folia” make this more of the work of an engineer using the vocals as a means to an end.




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