The Vaudevillian: Bringing Satan Down

Is it tongue in cheek? Is it Retro?

I’m not sure, but it’s fun! The team of Jitterbug James/voc-g, Norah Spades/voc-pec Piedmont Johnson/voc-b and Dan Edmonds/p take you to another world, the world of Vaudville in all its glory. For the price of one ticket, you get the entire show, fileld with washboards, kazoos, whisles, and a thing called a carzoobamaphone along with story telling, joking and repartee.

Pieces like “James St.  Turnaround” and “Broom Shooter” come off like a matinee show, with dialogue, strumming guitars and lots of two stepping beats. Honky tonking blues are delivered on “ Bootleger’s Blues” and “Spider Nest Blues” with more sass than sarsaparilla. If they take this on the road, let me know!

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