THE REAL DEAL…Feel Like Going Home: The Songs of Charlie Rich

You want a guilty pleasure? Take a gander at this tribute to the skills of legendary Charlie Rich. This guys wrote like he lived, and he lived a full life. This Baker’s Dozen tracks will cure whatever ails you, as Charlie Jr boogies to the piano on  “Break Up” and the B3 smokes for Ania Suhainin on “Midnight Blues.” Some 50s twanging guitars rivet on  “Easy Money” with Preston Shannon” and Juliet Simmons Dinallo shuffles to  “Whirlwind.” Some Stratocaster beer guts boogie the blues on “Lonely Weekends” with Jim Lauderdale” as well as on “Caught in the Middle” with the rich vibratos from The Malpass Brothers.” Holli Mosley takes you on a trip to the local VFW on “Who Will the Next Fool Be” and Johnny Hoy delivers the Chicago blues along with a nasty harp on “  Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave.” If the goal of music is to tell a story, there’s a whole library here, begging to be imbibed.


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