ART CLASS FOR MUSICIANS…Michael Mlatkovich: Mortality, Myrnofant’s Kiss

Here’s some free form music from trombonist Michael Vlatkovich…

Michael Vlatkovich brings his trombone to team up with the unique mix of David Mott’s baritone sax, Jonathan Golove’s electric cello and Christopher Garcia’s drums for eight free thinking originals. The two horns are able to mix rhythms and grooves at times that come across like some free bop as on “Hold On To Your Chair…” and even get bluesy on “An Illness With A Countdown.” Lots of allusions to Spike Jones come up on the fun loving and irreverent pieces such as “A Tree Falls In The Forest…” and the title track while other adventures sound tentative as Golove bows eerily on “No Victims Just Volunteers.” Mingus leading a Spike Jones Orchestra?

Vlatkovich adds much textures to the second album, as you get NO drum, and instead lots of woodwinds, brass, keyboards, percussion and Carol Sawyer’s elastic and wordless voice on these seven tunes. Hints of Carls Stallings comes up on the driving “Sometimes a Red Nose…” and the team gets swinging and bluesy with Bill Plake’s tenor and Dominic Genova’s bas on “Hiding Out As A Verb.” Sawyer’s voice gets blurpy and fluttery on “Goodbye” and “Adeptly Disguised As Chairs” with the team sounding like Eastern European modern classical on “Or Do You Have Change For A $20.” Ideas bounce like a Super Ball.

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