AH HA! WESTERN SWING! The Time Jumpers: Kid Sister

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…

…music actually swung. And was fun! Yes, it’s true!

And it didn’t have to be “jazz” per se, as almost all types of music was toe tapping. Just as jazz had it’s Benny Goodman, Woody Herman and Count Basie, country music had Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys to beat the sounds at eight to the bar. A bunch of studio studs from Nashville lead by Vince Gill have put together the Tennessee equivalent of the Vanguard Orchestra, with a 10 member team that includes 3, count ‘em, t3 violinists (Larry Franklin, Joe Spivey, Kenny Sears) along with a pick and grinning steel player  in Paul Franklin as well as a Kansas City inspired rhythm team of Jeff Taylor/p, Billy Thomas/dr and Brad Albin/b which, along with Andy Reiss and “Ranger” Doug Green on guitar, team up with Gill and earth toned babe Dawn Sears (who just recently departed for her eternal reward) for 14 songsthat remind you of how songs can deliver emotions besides hipster angst.

Thoroughly enjoyable two steppers like “My San Antonio Rose,” “Empty Rooms” and “I Hear You Talking” mix riffin’ fiddles with vocal harmonies and leads by Sears, Green and Spivey respectively.  A groove as deep as anything done by Basie is joyfully laid down on the boogying “All Aboard” while the p edal steel twangs with delight on”We’re The Time Jumpers.” Gill himself is a rich toned crooner, able to put a tear in his bear on the lonely hearted “I Miss You” and the gorgeous “The True Love Meant For Me,” while “Ranger” tells ribald tales on “Bloodshot Eyes.” By the time you get to the love song “Kid Sister” that closes the album, you’ll be scratching your head as to when the fun left music. Check this one out, especially if your only country albums are by Bill, and not Lefty Frisell.

Rounder Records


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