The Breath: Carry Your Kin

The band The Breath consists of Rioghnach Connolly/voc, Stuart McCallum/g, John Ellis/p, Robin Mullarkey/b an dLuke Flowers/dr. If you notice, you’ll see a lot of the names are of Irish extraction, which explains the Gaellic sound as well as the misty atmospheres portrayed on this collection. Connolly has a clear voice, enhanced by a folksy subtlety, and uses it to create more moods as opposed to the actual songs.

Piano and acoustic guitar create easy waves on a gracious “For You” and soft, clear pastoral sounds evoke green hills during “Harvest” and “Carry Your Kin.” The team is able to get rollicking, as the team rocks a bit on the dramatic “Tremelone” and McCallum’s electric guitar creates a vibrant pulse on “Antwerp.” Connolly knows how to spin a yarn, and weaves atmospheres on the turbulent “Boat Song” and the indie sounding “Our Own Way.” Fresh and refreshing.

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