Songevity: Safe In Sound

Bassist Rob Duguay brings a collection of compositions with this band mates Justin Kauflin/p and Nadav Snir-Zelniker/dr for a wide range of jazz trio pieces. Snir-Zelniker rocks hard while Kauflin prances on “Skipping Rocks” while the bluesy “Sweat and Toil Pie’ features the sticks in a military mood. Kauflin is crystalline as he chimes on “Blue Because of You” after Duguay’s bass intro, and the three glow like a full moon during “On A Sighed Note.” They show their bop chops as they sizzle on “Catch You Cats” and the team grooves well together as the drums get crisp on “Afrikan Morning Dove.” Nice to hear fresh sounds in the trio format.

GSI Records

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