Manu Katche’: Unstatic

Drummer Manu Katche’ must have wanted to be a brick layer in his youth, as he knows how to create a solid foundation on this collection of soulful and funky jazz pieces. The core band of Ellen Andrea Wang/b, Jim Watson/p-key. , Tore Brunborg/sax and Luca Aquino/tp create some cool grooves here. Katche’s drumming is crisp with the B3 and keyboards as the horns ooze on “City” and “Introduccion” and rumbles with subtlety with Watson’s piano on ”Trickle.” Nils Landren’s trombone adds harmonic textures to pieces like the funky “Unstatic” and “Rolling” while Brunborg’s breathy tenor assuages on “Blossom.” Katche’ serves up underhand softballs for Aquino to swing at with his trumpet, delicate and hep on”Blossom” while the leader whips with the ride cymbal for Wang on ”Out of Sight.” Tight as a drum.

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