Silvano Monasterios: Partly  Sunny

Pianist Silvano Monasterios teams his trio of Jonathan Dadurka/b and Rodolfo Zuniga/dr with various guests through some exciting self-penned pieces. Monasterios is quite diplomatic in his composing and  performing, allowing on many pieces Dadurka’s bowed bass to state the theme, as on the yearning and whimsical “Awash With Secrets” with Roberto Quintero’s percussion, and the warm “Faith In You” which has Anat Cohen’s clarinet as warm as a morning sunrise. Troy Roberts’ alto canters on the post bop “A Tropical Message” and is stately on “Eternal Blue Sky.” As for the composer, he is charming and graceful during “He Didn’t Know” and genteel with Cohen on the sole cover, an endearing “Never Let Me Go.” Optimistic passions galore are produced here.

Savant Records

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