Ricardo Bacelar: Concerto Para Moviola

Pianist Ricardo Bacelar adds Brazilian moods to jazz and blues during this concert with a swinging team of Ronaldo Pessoa/g, Marcio Resende/sax, Luizinho Duarte/dr, Miqueias dos Santos/b, Marcu Minicius Cardoso/vio, Maria Pessoa/perc-key and Hoto Junior/perc.

His piano is rooted in traditional jazz, but he likes to add South American flavors, as a funky bass line on “Senior Blues” adds an extra layer of texture and “Killer Joe” has extra spice in the funk, and even “Birdland” has some Brazilian samba sounds. . There is a New Orleanish beat to “March Majestic” and “Apartheid Blues” has some B3 gospel moments. Some wonderful folk sounds are emitted by Cardoso’s violin, with a melancholic “Moviola” and a spicy “Agua de Beber” while the band gets as celebratory as a Carnival on “ The Groove.” Nice mix of moods!



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