Mats Eilertsen: Rubicon

Lots of spacious and reedy sounds here with bassist Mats Eilertsen leading reedy team of  Eirik Hegdal  playing baritone and soprano sax, with Trygve Seim/ts-ss and rhythm with Thomas Dahl/g, Rob Waring/vib, Harmen Fraanje/key and Olavi Louhivuori. You get some dreamy melding of saxes on the meditative “Canto” while they lithely float to a  pulse on “March.” Lovely marimba work sways with Fraanje’s piano on “Lago” and a concise trio glistens on “Cross The Creek.” The leader does some intimate interplay with darker reeds like the bass clarinet on “Wood and Water” and “Introitus” making the entire album like a walk in a misty and pastoral village.

ECM Records

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