Will Vinson: Perfectly Out Of Place

Will Vinson brings a mix of reeds to a wide ranging collection of originals, as he mixes and matches artists including Gonzalo Rubalcaba/key, Mike Moreno/g, Matt Penman/b and Jeff Ballard/dr with strings and voice or by themselves. Modern voiced strings build up to a  crescendo of solemnity on a stirring “Desolation Tango” while the strings prance along with Moreno’s guitar and Vinson’s joyful soprano on the Metheny-like “Skyrider.” He does a spacious sonata with Rubalcaba’s piano on a glowing “Limp of Faith” while with Moreno, Penman and Ballard, a spacious “Chalk It Up” pastorally glides. The band shows lots of flexibility on ability to change pulses and directions, as the rhythm team flexes its muscles under Vinson’s inviting alto on “The Clock Killer” whereas Vinson goes laconic with the rhythm team and Ballard’s deft brush work on “Perfectly Out Of Place.” Impressively all encompassing in its scope of sounds and moods.

5 Passion Records


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