PIANO TRIOS…Mike Bogle Trio: Live At Stoneys, Joe Mulholland Trio: Runaway Train

Ah! If there is an essence to jazz, it has to be the jazz trio. Here are a couple strong releases to prove the point.

Pianist Mike Bogle brings together Lou Harlas/b and Steve Barnes/dr to a live recording session filled with excitement. Bogle has a confident and strong touch, and the team has an upbeat thrust on material like Chick Corea’s “Hupty Diumpty” and Dexter Gordon’s “Fried Bananas.” He does some Ellingtonia with style, making Strayhorn’s “UMMG” thoughtful and “Prelude to a Kiss” romantic. His own material has Barnes snapping to attention on “Ninguno Experiment” while the team gets close to the ground on “Down Home.” Enjoyable and optimistic.

Joe Mulholland teams up his  piano with Bob Nieske/b and Bob Tamagni/dr for a mix of covers and originals. Mulholland drives well on the cantering “Runaway Train” and is graceful during “No Romance.” Tamagni’s brush work is sublime on “Summer Nights” and sweeps clean on the snazzy blues of “Me Too.” The team can get open and spacious as on a lithe read of “Nardis” and can also get a bit Monkish and free form on the playful “No Romance.” Flexible and fun.




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