Julio Botti: Sax to Tango

Julio Botti uses his soprano and tenor saxes in a fresh and exciting environment. Teamed with Pablo Ziegler’s production and Saul Zaks’s conducting of the University of Southern Denmark Symphony Orchestra, Botti weaves through some sophisticated tango and jazz charts that swing, sway and sweat.

The album is filled with dramatic and sweeping moments, as Botti’s soprano dances along “Rimavera Portena” and his tenor broods to Ziegler’s thoughtful piano during “Nieblas Del Riachuelo.” There is some exciting percussion like a table dance ass “Fuga Y Misterio” combines Botti’s restlessness with Ziegler’s playfulness  and the two are genteel during “Flor De Lino.” The strings are able to swirl with style as on the turbulent “Verano Porteno” whereas during another season, “Invierno Porteno” are rich and embracing. Passions fly on this one!

Zoho Music


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