IT’S THE TIKI ROOM! Hot Steel & Cool Ukulele: Tropical Swing

This 30 minute ditty of an album takes you back to the innocent days of Hawaii. Erich Sylvester plays ukulele unabashedly cheerfully as he sings along with Greg Sardinha’s steel guitar, Duane Padilla’s violin, Sonny Silva’s guitar and Steven Strauss’ bass. The tunes are all pre-WWII, all catchy, all kitchy and all as innocent as coconut shells on a hula dancer. Songs like “Hula Breeze” and “My Little Grass Shack” have a natural bounce to them, and Eylvester delivers with fervent joy. The pieces like “My Honolulu Tomboy” and “I’ve Gone Native Now” could easily pass for background music to Mr. Roberts or The Caine Mutiny. If Django Reinhardt had started the Hot Club of Oahu, this is what it would sound like Gotta love this time traveler!

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