Hector Martignon’s Banda Grande: The Big Band Theory

Strings, brass and reeds get a workout on this wide ranging collection of material arranged, conducted and mostly composed by pianist/leader Hectoro Martignon

The saxes and horns get hip on the sauntering “Hell’s Kitchen Sarabande” and bop with pep  on “99 MacDougal Street.” Joe Burgstaller’s trumpet and Brenda Feliciano’s glowing voice add extra sauce to a clever version of JS Bach’s “Erbarme Dich” and Mozart gets goosed with a mix of Old World charm and modern brass eccentricities on “Mozart Interrupted/Sorrindo.”

On the more ethereal side, lovely strings provided by Edmar DCasaneda’s Colombian harp and Jorge Glem’s cuarto as strings swing and sway to traditional percussion on “Nostalgias Del Futuro.” Rich saxes swirl as vibes drive forward on “Trombone Chorale” and Christos Rafalides brings his mallets again to the fore on the venerable classic “Estate” filling the piece with nostalgia. All material here hits the head and heart.

 Zoho Music


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