Steve Wiest and Phrontrange: The High Road

Trombonist Steve Wiest got his jazz credentials with Maynard Ferguson, and that alone with strengthen your chops about 3 fold. Here, he teams up with Mike Abbott/g, Eduardo Barbosa/b, Art Bouton/ewi, Eric Gunnison/key and Mike Marlier/dr for an electric and funky mix of sounds. Part of the time, you’ll think that you’re listening to an Edgar Winter session, as R&B-ish rock like “The Vinnie Paradox” is loud and proud. 70s rock thunder abound as well on the Aerosmith –imbibed “A Stern Talking To” and thunderous “Cantaloupe Island,” while hints of Vangelis are delivered on the warm mix of bone and piano on “Violet Iris.” Barbosa’s bass delivers a fusion a la Weather Report on “Please Don’t Think It’s Funny” with keyboard spacey-ness creating a fusion mood on “Miles Slide.” Exuberant and enthusiastic, with Wiest’s brass polished and bright.

BluJazz Records

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