****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Dmitri Matheny: Jazz Noir

Next time you watch a movie with Dana Andrews, Robert Mitchum or Gloria Grahame, you may want to get into the mood by putting on this disc by fluglehhorn player Dmitri Matheny. He creates shadows inspired by Fritz Lang with a rotating rhythm section along with tenor saxist Charles McNeal-Jay Thomas and vibist Susan  Pascal. The mood unfolds along the opening “Noir Medley” with themes from “Laura,” and “Touch Of Evil” evoked brilliantly with long shadows by Matheny’s horn. The ivories flutter while the horn cries on “Stormy Weather” while Charlie Haden’s “Here’s Looking At You” takes you right to the Casablanca airport with the flugelhornist’s soft solo. McNeal’s tenor goes bel canto on “Estate” and pianist Matt Clark adds mystery to “Caravan.” Matheny even gets a cameo on vocals, delivering spoken word on the winding sunset boulevard on “Crime Scenes.” All that’s missing is Edward G Robinson to find out the culprit. Straight down the line.

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