Alma Afrobeat Ensemble: It’s Time

This album has a  pair of personalities. The first part, with Aaron Feder/g, Joe Psalmist/voc, Josep Contreras/sax, Paquito de la Iguana/key, Alfonso Fernandez/bassoon, Aurora Arenare/tb, Didier Roche/perc,Gustavo Sassone/dr and Fernando Redondo/b is vintage Central African Afro Beat. Hints of Earth, Wind and Fire mix with upbeat keyboards, vocals and deep vocals, while the horns create rich support fo anthems such as “Live and Let’s Live’ and the politically charged message of “Shakedown” accompanied by scintillating percussion.

The second part is more synth driven in the rhythm, with electronic grooves on the Kinshasha sounding “DWB Breakdown” or more party oriented “Siempre Presente.” Some reggae pops up on “Lost In Dub” with the most acoustic vibe on the lilting “Room Enough For Us.” Some of the music is for the street, and other for the disco.

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