HIS FIRST FORAY…Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio: East Coast Love Affair

He’s now considered one of the most important guitarists around, but back in 1996 Kurt Rosenwinkel was just starting out on this gig at Small’s Club in New York. He’s teamed with two guys who are also big names these days, as Jorge Rossy/dr and Avishai Cohen/b form an imposing and fresh sounding team on this recording of two originals and 6 jazz standards.

While not as fully formed in concept or style, you can’t deny that he already has his own sound and notation, with a rich use of space and string work on “Lazy Bird” and a hip little “Little White Lies.” Rosenwinkel sounds at home with clever harmonies during the Monk pieces “Pannonica” and “’Round Midnight” and his own pieces already display an impressive maturity. “East Coast Love Affair” and “B. Blues” both have a relaxed mood and groove, but the guitarist’s rabbit trails are already worth following until the final destination. An album that shows tons of promise that has been fulfilled, but can be appreciated on its own merits as well. It’s been hard to find for quite some time, so scoop it up before it disappears again.

Fresh Sound Records


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