Philippe Petrucciani & Nathalie Blanc: Remember Petrucciani

Guitarist Philippe Petrucciani delivers a tribute to his departed touring partner and brother, the famed pianist Michel Petrucciani. He brings along vocalist Nathalie Blanc, and along with Manhu Roche/dr, Michel Znino-Dominique/b, and a horn team of Fabrizio Bosso/tp, Stefano Coco Cantini/ts-ss and Francesco Castellani/tb, an intimate and reflective collection of tunes is delivered with style and substance.

Blanc has a soft, relaxed and nasal tone, and it works well with bouncy and soulful swinging pieces such as “Les Etoiles” and the sleek “Sor De Mai” with Bosso’s trumpet.Petrucciani’s electric guitar does well on the funky “Watching TV” while on acoustic strumming, delivers sensuous tones with Blanc on the bossa nova tracks “Carioca” and “My Old Friends.”

The horns coalesce with rich textures on the dramatic and exuberant “Hypoconriaque” while some nice bass work is hip and reflecive on”Une Vie.” Most impressive is the last track entitled “Miles Davis Licks” where Blanc scats and Petrucciani pick through some memorable themes from the famed trumpeter. Lots to savor here.

Jazz Village Records

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