SONIC WALLPAPER PLUS…Laraaji: Ambient 3-Day of Radiance

Brian Eno was the pioneer of what we now call “Ambient Music” which was a type of background music made for the subconscious. This third in a series of ambient recordings has Eno producing an album by Edward Larry Gordon (aka “Laraaji”) who performs the zither and dulcimer as opposed to the usual electronics as on earlier ambient releases.

This one is divided into two parts; a three part “The Dance” and two part “Meditation.” The former is a set of patterns of Laraaji on hammer dulcimer with touches and dashes from the producer. The second part is more of what you expect from a release from Brian Eno; subtle musings that form a backdrop to your daily musings.  The strings are a clever addition to the canon of sonic wallpaper, and it’s quite surprising that this genre of music, unlike “New Age” music, doesn’t sound dated a generation later.

Glitter Beat Records

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