Javier Colon: Gravity

Who would have thought 20 years ago that a pop-rock-R&B artist would headline on Concord Records. Such is the financial life of record labels these days, as Javier Colon, a singer-songwriter-guitarist makes his jazz label debut here. Good news-it’s pretty good!

He’s got a rich and warm voice, which explains why he started out with Derek Trucks’ band. He knows his way with a pen, as the melodic title track and “ For A Reason” mix thoughtful lyrics to accessible lines. He’s got a nice sound on his acoustic guitar during “Walking Blind” and “Clear The Air.” His lyrics reach out for a kindred spirit, with “My Perspective” and “Clear the Air” quite poignant, and his voice has an earnestness that makes the message believable. He’s coming to LA May 12. Don’t miss it!

Concord Records


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