Idan Raichel: At the Edge of the Beginning

Here’s an intimate and warm album by composer, vocalist and pianist Idan Raichel, who weaves a tapestry of pastoral tunes on this gentle release. The accompaniment is Spartan, including cello (Yael Shapira), bass (Gilad Ephrat), guitar (Arie Tuchman) and various guests on guitar and horns.

The mood is set on the opening instrumental “LeChakot” which mixes lovely piano with flowing strings. Raichel’s hushed voice works well on the folksy “Ba’ Yeshimonm” and tender “Yalda Shelli Ktana” which both include gentle guitar. Sometimes, an upbeat 80s feel jumps into the scene with “Be’ Chamesh Shniyot” and a synth groove on “Ma’agalim” ready to get you on your feet, while sounds from Windham Hill are conjured up on by the pianist on “Ga Agua.” Assured and assuring in both voice and instrument.

Cumbancha Records

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