TV LAND! Bill Frisell: When You Wish Upon A Star

You had to see this one coming. Frisell, who’s known more for creating moods than showing off chops (although he does have and display them at intriguing moments) has released albums reflecting various parts of his life. So far, country, The Beatles, Dylan and surf movies have been just a handful of his releases. Now we’re getting to the serious stuff-TV and moves, think Bob Bain’s guitar for the younger set!

He brings together a Nashville-sounding team of Eyvind Kang/vla, Thomas Moran/b and Rudy Royston/dr, along with Petra Haden who sings with and without words. You get ominous yet folksy reads of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and spaghetti westerns such as “Once Upon A Time In The West” that have drone-like rhythms. The band gets most rollicking on the “Bonanza” theme while interesting textures come alive on “The Godfather.” Haden’s clear and starry voice works well on a spooky “When You Wish Upon A Star” and an intriguing read of “You Only Live Twice.” Moods and shadows like a film noire are in abundance here. Successful in what it reaches for; when’s the Billy Wilder album coming out?

Okeh Records

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