Sweet Honey In The Rock: #LoveInEvolution

The vocal team of Aisha Kahlil, Carol Maillard, Louise Robinson and Nitnju Bolade Casel create the heavenly Sweet H oney In The Rock, a female answer to The Persuasions, but with a small difference; they aren’t afraid to add an instrument here and there, with Romeir Antonio Mendez/s bass and percussion adding a foundation here and there and the ladies are more democratic in terms of lead vocals. This latest album is a treasure that touches into the taproot of American music, namely spirituals and soul folk music.

Songs that are soul stirrers take you back to the church, with “Somebody Prayed For Me,”  “A Prayer for the World: Song 23” and “Operator/Jesus on the Mainline/I Don’t Know What You Come to Do” God-affirming sermonettes with a mix of passionate rhythms and heavenly harmonies. You also get Aisha Kahil delivering a tribute to Marvin Gaye on “Mercy Mercy Me  (The Ecology)” and “Second Line Blues” by Louise Robinson that address social issues in a way that is more effective than any news editorial. The roots go even further back as sounds from West Africa permeate “Oh, Sankofa” with Nitanju Bolade Casel glides over Mendez’s bass. The passion emitted from these ladies is infectious, while the messages that are delivered are balms for Gilead.

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