****RINGER OF THE WEEK****MC Shoehorn: Wingin’ It

Here’s an exciting and in your face disc that dares you to sit still. Michael “Shoehorn” Conley plays alto, soprano and tenor sax as well as the fife and even tap dances on this wildly diverse and yet  passionately rhythmic session. He teams up with Gordon Lee/p-key, Miguel Bernal/congas, Scott/bongos, Martin Zarzar/dr, Damian Erskine/b and a couple guests for material that is celebrative and sensuous.

He tap dances along with his sax for a penetrating read of “42nd St” while a second take of it has him singing it on a second take with bravado. His alto sears through “Ice Cream and Bubbles” which gives more than a hint of “Afro Blue” and ANOTHER take of it has Eileen Konomi Conley mixing her earthy folk voice with Afro Cuban percussion and Conley’s soprano on a visceral alternative take. His tenor is bel canto on the slithering “I Hi Tabidachi” while his alto  delivers an aria with Lee on a bluesy “I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do).” His fife takes you to a small South American village on”Roses Love the Rain” and delectibly hip jazz is reaced on “ZapaMan Theme” with  Lee on the Fender Rhodes. By the time he closes the album on tenor with his cavalcade of percussionists, you’re going to be dancing with the lampshade on your head. Whew!


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