AMERICA’S MOST IMPORTANT BAND? Tedeschi Trucks Band: Let Me Get By

Could it be that the husband and wife team of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi  lead the most important blues/roots band in America? I caught them in concert last year, and was dumbfounded by Truck’s understated yet poignant guitar work and Tedeschi’s rich voice (and she’s no slouch on the six strings either). Here, on this latest release, you just ask yourself, “How much farther can they go, and can they keep up this level of quality?”

Tedeschi’s patented earthy voice now shadows over Bonnie Raitt, with red clay under her nails on “Anyhow” and the funky “Just As Strange.” The swampy wah wah and bass line on “Don’t Know What It Means” is as thick as Rendevous dry rub BBQ, while hints of Delaney and Bonnie growl forth on “Let Me Get By.” Hints of Clapton’s “Let It Flow” are emitted on “Hear Me” and STAXY horns mix with a Roy Orbison beat for a stomping “I Want More.” Even the Sunday Morning church is sonically referred to as on the gospel tinged “In Every Heart” with the B3 oozing down the aisles. Every hint of American dna is captured here. If you cannot identify with the sounds and emotions here, you may want to check your passport.

Fantasy Records

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